Unless otherwise stated on your contract, your raw booth space comes with:

  • Pipe and black drape (island booths will be marked out with tape only - no pipe & drape)
  • An ID sign (10” high x 120” long) with your company name written in black text on white board
  • A power supply



A large number of exhibitors bring their own pop up displays. Please consider the following:

  • If you are bringing it with you, make sure that you can wheel or carry it yourself to the exhibit hall. Due to union restrictions, you won’t be able to use a hotel trolley on the exhibit hall floor.
  • If you are shipping it to the event, you should ship it to the Advance Warehouse and order material handling (which covers receiving your shipment at the warehouse, storing it, then getting it from the warehouse to your booth, storing your empties until the exhibition closes, then loading it back on your carrier at the end of the event). CLICK HERE for more shipping information.
  • If your empty container does not form part of your booth, you will need to arrange storage with Freeman during the event as it is forbidden to store it behind your booth due to fire & safety regulations (which are strictly enforced). CLICK HERE to read the fire & safety regulations.

If your booth is larger than 10’x10’ then Chicago Union Regulations require that you employ Union labour to set up and dismantle your pop up booth (unless you have a 10’x10’ pop up on a 20’x10’ space). ITW strongly advise that exhibitors adhere to these regulations and accept no liability for any failure to do so. For a summary of the regulations CLICK HERE. As a guide, a standard 20’x10’ pop up will require 1 hour labour to set up and 1 hour to dismantle. CLICK HERE for more information and to order.



These standard hard wall booth packages are created by Freeman. For a 10’x10’ booth (package A) the price is US$2,580.10 and for a 10’x20’ booth (package B) the price is US$5,423.50. Furniture and lights are included, graphics and carpet are available at additional cost. CLICK HERE for more details.


These new style hardwall booth packages are also available from Freeman. For a 10’x10’ booth (package C) the price is US$6,370 and for a 10’x20’ booth (package D) the price is US$8,560. Furniture and lights are included, graphics and carpet are available at additional cost. CLICK HERE for more details.

These new SmartFabric rental packages provide a custom printed fabric back wall graphic to keep and re-use. You then just rent the frame next time. Frame, graphics and carpet are included, but not furniture. For a 10’x10’ booth the price is $1,895 and for a 10’x20’ booth the price is $3,695.
CLICK HERE for more details.

Freeman have many other options available - CLICK HERE to visit the Freeman ITW website or contact Freeman’s Exhibitor Services Department at FreemanChicagoES@freeman.com or Tel +1 773 473 7080



Freeman will be more than happy to discuss ideas and pricing with you. CLICK HERE to find out more and take a look at the gallery or contact Alison Goetz at alison.goetz@freeman.com or Tel +1 773 473 7427.


If you choose to use an external contractor to construct your booth (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor or EAC), then please let your Operations Account Manager have
their details, either by email or by completing an EAC Notification Form. Additionally, if they will be paying for Freeman services as a Third Party for you (the exhibiting company), you must ensure they complete a Third Party Billing Authorization Form.